Kid Hip Hop Classes

Kid Hip Hop Classes in Utah

Are you ready to groove and move? U Dance Studio is your ultimate hub for hip hop classes for kids in Utah! Our dynamic and energetic dance sessions will have your little ones popping and locking in no time. Let the rhythm take over, and watch them unleash their inner dance superstar.

Kid Hip Hop Classes That Spark Joy!

At U Dance Studio, we believe that dance is all about fun, self-expression, and fostering a love for movement from an early age. Our hip hop dancing lessons for kids are the perfect blend of entertainment and education. Here’s why you should choose UDS for your child’s dance journey:

Passionate Instructors Who Know the Beat

Camille Neilsen, the owner and artistic director of U Dance Studio, has an unmatched passion for dance and fitness. With her background in Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, and more, she brings a wealth of experience to our hip hop dance lesson for kids. Your child will learn from the best and be inspired by Camille's love for dance.

A Diverse Range of Dance Styles

Our dance studio isn't just about hip hop; we offer a variety of dance styles, including Jazz, Ballet, Tap, and Dance Club Cardio. Let your child explore their interests and discover the dance style that makes their heart sing. There's something for everyone at UDS!

Dance Yourself Happy

We live by the motto, "Dance Yourself Happy." Camille's enthusiasm for bringing people together to have fun, work hard, and become better shines through in every class. Your child will not only develop dance skills but also build lasting friendships and create cherished memories.

Join the Rave with Our Kids HipHop Classes!

U Dance Studio is the place to go if you're looking for hip hop dance lesson for kids in Utah. Your child's dancing dreams may come true with our magic, music, and movements. All ages and skill levels of dance and fitness lovers are welcome to join our lively and welcoming community.

Find Out Why Our Dance Classes for Kids Have Positive Reviews!

Our dance classes for kids have been met with rave reviews for a reason. We offer hip hop dancing lessons for kid; we're about fostering creativity, boosting confidence, and instilling a love for movement in the hearts of young dancers. 

Are You Ready to See Your Child Light up the Dance Floor?

Sign up for our hip hop classes for kids in Utah at U Dance Studio, and let the rhythm take over. It’s time to dance, smile, and create unforgettable memories!

Frequently Asked Questions- Kids HipHop Classes in Utah

We offer a wide range of dance lessons for kids, including Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Tap, and Dance Club Cardio. Your child can explore different styles to find the one that resonates with them the most

Yes, we love giving our young dancers the chance to shine! We host events, parties, and special performances, such as Friday night parties and fam jams, where kids can showcase their dance skills and have a blast.

The owner and artistic director of U Dance Studio, Camille Neilsen, is in charge of our gifted instructors. Camille is passionate about teaching and provides a wealth of expertise in a variety of dance forms. Your child will have the chance to study with passionate and motivated teachers who are devoted to fostering their development as dancers.