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About U

Dance Studio

At U Dance Studio, we are dedicated to celebrating the joy of movement and making dance and fitness accessible to all. Our vibrant studio, founded and led by Camille Neilsen, offers a wide array of classes for individuals of all ages and experience levels. With our guiding principle of "Dance yourself Happy," we foster a welcoming and inclusive dance community where everyone can find their groove.

Camille Neilsen

Owner and Artistic Director

Camille Neilsen, the driving force behind U Dance Studio, embodies a lifelong passion for dance and fitness. Her journey in the world of dance goes beyond professional commitment; it's a calling she embraces with unwavering dedication. Camille's extensive background in the art of dance and fitness informs the diverse range of classes offered at UDS.

Camille's dance journey began with her academic pursuits. While attending UVU, she majored in Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Ballet. This formal education provided her with a strong foundation in the art of ballet. However, her artistic journey did not stop there. Camille went on to dance with prestigious companies like the Utah Metropolitan Ballet and Repertory Ballet Ensemble. Her journey extended beyond classical ballet, as she explored various dance styles like jazz, hip hop, and contemporary dance, studying with different studios and companies across the United States. This broad training enriches the offerings at U Dance Studio.

The U Dance Studio Experience

U Dance Studio is a place where individuals can come together and experience the joy of dance and fitness. Our diverse range of classes includes Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Tap, and Dance Club Cardio, ensuring there's something for everyone.

Camille herself leads various classes, such as ballet, jazz, hip hop, breakdance, and dance club cardio. Her personal touch ensures that each class is not just about learning steps; it's about finding happiness through dance. This emphasis on the joy of dance is what sets U Dance Studio apart – a commitment to making fitness fun and fostering a sense of community.

Community and Connection

One of the most rewarding aspects of U Dance Studio is witnessing the moments when students find pure joy in their dance journey. Our studio is a place where you can dance, work hard, and become better while building meaningful connections with fellow dancers. Camille has a unique talent for bringing people together and creating an environment where everyone feels at home. It's about more than just dance; it's about forging connections through a shared passion.

Beyond the Dance Floor

While dance is central to U Dance Studio, it's not the only focus. Camille's love for new experiences goes beyond the world of dance. She's an adventurer, always ready to embrace new challenges, from skiing to wake surfing, running, boxing, kayaking, and rock climbing. This spirit of adventure and determination is at the core of our studio's culture – we're here to support and empower you to take on new challenges, both within the studio and beyond.

Events and Celebrations

The fun at U Dance Studio continues even after the class ends. We host Friday night parties, fam jams, and special events that add an extra layer of excitement to your dance journey. These occasions allow us to celebrate your achievements, connect with fellow dancers, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

In essence, U Dance Studio is more than just a dance studio; it's a vibrant community, a hub of positivity and creativity, and a place where you can unleash your inner dancer and feel your best. Camille Neilsen and her team are here to welcome you, inspire you, and support you on your dance and fitness journey. 

So, whether you're a seasoned dancer or a beginner eager to learn, join us at U Dance Studio and experience the magic of dance and fitness the U Dance way.